Storetale FAQ's

If you’re new to Storetale, this guide will help you learn more about the platform and its features.

Getting started with Storetale

What is Storetale and how does it work

Storetale is a platform that enables brands to offer a clienteling or digital personal shopping experience to customers. The platform can be used to connect with customers at scale (examples: livestream selling, affiliate selling or seasonal launches), or with customers one-to-one.

I don’t have an e-commerce site, can I use Storetale?

Yes! We have a system to manually add products and images. You can use one of our third-party payment processors to collect payment.

How much does Storetale cost?

Please refer to our pricing plans here and/or contact a member of our team here.

Can I use my own domain with Storetale?

Your domain will appear as a subdomain. For example, if your company name is Modist, your URL will be:

In what countries can I use Storetale?

You can use Storetale in nearly any country in the world.

Which languages does Storetale support?

Currently, we support English. If you are looking for another language, please contact a member of our team here.

Which currencies does Storetale support?

Currently, we support USD, GBP and EURO. If you are looking for another currency, please contact a member of our team here.

Selling with Storetale

What do I need to start selling on Storetale?

You need some inventory, digital content and a preferred third-party payment provider. To integrate with your existing e-commerce and payment provider.

How do I integrate with my existing systems (e-commerce, payments, etc.)?

When you are logged in, click on Account > Edit Tenant, scroll to the bottom and select the integrations you want from the Integrations drop down menu. You will be guided through the setup process.

How do customers access my Storetale?

Customers can access your Storetale through your custom domain. The URL can be accessed on any device, there is no need to download an app.

Digital content

What digital content is included in my tier?

All digital content available to you will be displayed in the Asset section. You can view a list of sources in the Asset Source section.

How do I add my own content to the platform?

You can add your own content at multiple points of creating and managing a journey. The simplest way is to select Assets > Add Assets.

How do I know if I am reaching my storage limits?

Click on Account and the top left box displays all your asset information.

Can other companies access my content when I upload it?

No, all content you upload is only viewed by users with access to your account.

How can I download content?

You are not able to download any content, all content can only be used and viewed within the admin panel and on a journey.

How can I delete my content?

Click on Asset > Select the asset you wish to delete > Select the Delete button


What is a third-party payment processor?

A third-party payment processor, payment provider or payment gateway lets you accept online payments.

Administration, billing & settings

How can I change my plan?

Once logged in, select Account > Change plan in the top left box

How do I create, edit, delete users?

Once logged in, select Account > Users and from here you can create, edit or delete users.

Dashboard & analytics

How can I access the dashboard?

When logged in, click on the Storetale icon in the top left corner and this will take you to your dashboard screen

How can I view analytics for my journeys?

In the dashboard view, click on the journey name and you will see all related analytics. You can adjust time periods to view analytics by day, week, month or year.